Why does my computer restart on its own

Computers & Laptops | August 27, 2023

Why does my computer restart on its own

One of the most annoying problems we can encounter is when our computer restarts on its own. Sometimes, it happens while we’re working on it, and other times it doesn’t even start up properly. This issue can be caused by various reasons.

One of the most common causes for a PC to suddenly restart without our intention is the presence of viruses. Around 85% of computers have experienced this kind of problem at some point. Having a good antivirus installed on our computer is essential to try to avoid this inconvenience.

There are also instances when the computer restarts on its own due to a problem with the RAM memory. Although it can happen with any computer, these types of issues are more frequent if we have swapped out the memory modules for lower-quality ones. It’s better to invest a bit more in a reputable brand than risk facing problems down the line.

Now, during the summer, particularly with older systems, the issue might be related to high temperatures. If the computer gets too hot, it’s normal for it to restart to prevent more significant problems. While this problem can become more common in warmer ambient temperatures, a well-maintained system should not experience this issue.

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My pc constantly restarts and doesn’t boot, what can i do?

Sometimes, we find that our PC constantly restarts and doesn’t boot, making it impossible to use.

While it might be due to some of the problems mentioned in the previous section, it’s also possible that it’s a software issue. Sometimes, installing the wrong driver can cause the computer to restart on its own, preventing us from using it. In such cases, you should start it in safe mode by pressing F8 before Windows starts. Then, you can remove the software that might be causing problems.

If your problem isn’t just the computer restarting on its own, but it seems to turn on without displaying the desktop, it could be a problem with the processor or the graphics card. In this case, you’ll need to identify the faulty component and replace it with a new one.

Ideally, when faced with such a problem and unable to find a solution, seek help from a technical service. They can attempt to identify the error and replace the necessary component.

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My pc restarts on its own when i’m playing – why?

While it’s not impossible that there might be other reasons, if your PC restarts on its own when you’re playing, it’s most likely due to an overheating issue.

Games typically consume more resources on the computer than any other program we’ve installed. As a result, this constantly increases the temperature of the PC. And, as explained earlier, sometimes the computer restarts on its own when temperatures become high to prevent any of the components from burning out and causing more serious damage.

If a game consumes too many resources, your computer might not be able to handle it, leading to it restarting every time you play. Another possibility is a problem with the power supply, or as mentioned before, it could be a virus issue. If you try less demanding games and they work fine, you’ll likely realize that the issue lies in pushing your system too hard, which might not be equipped for such demanding games.

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