The App That Turns Your Tablet or Computer into a TV to Receive Videos from Your Phone

Computers & Laptops | August 29, 2023

The App That Turns Your Tablet or Computer into a TV to Receive Videos from Your Phone

Streaming has made its way to become one of the most popular ways to consume content, with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video being the most-watched platforms in 2023 according to JustWatch. With Android, one of the best ways to enjoy these apps is by using the Google Cast protocol to send content to your TV or Chromecast.

This method of sending content is very convenient, as it allows you to browse and choose content on your mobile device and then send it to the designated screen. Now, thanks to a free app, you can turn any Windows or Android screen into a fully functional Chromecast.

This way, you can start watching movies or series on one of these screens and control their playback without even having to approach the screen. If the computer, tablet, or mobile device you’re using as the receiver is connected to the TV, it’s a great way to enhance convenience.

The Chromecast Function

The Chromecast is one of Google’s most iconic devices. Launched in 2013 with a clear mission: to enable users to send content from an Android mobile device to a screen with just the press of a button. This is possible because all Android devices are equipped with a protocol called Google Cast. This protocol allows smartphones and tablets to communicate with Chromecast or Android TV, both of which have this protocol integrated.

This centralizes the process of searching for content and controlling playback on an Android phone, making it more convenient. It not only works with streaming apps, but there are also others like Google Photos that have this protocol integrated, allowing users to send their favorite photos and videos.

This app provides the opportunity to have a Chromecast receiver without needing to purchase the actual device. It can be useful in many situations where it’s more convenient to use your mobile device to choose a movie, rather than manually searching for it with another device.

For instance, if your computer is connected to a monitor or TV, you can send content from your phone without needing to use a mouse or keyboard to start it. In the case of a tablet, it’s ideal to leave it on a stand on a table or dresser and send music or video without having to search for it using the on-screen keyboard, which can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Using Cast Receiver

This app, available for free download on Google Play, isn’t compatible with sending DRM-protected content, so you won’t be able to use it for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. However, it does work with other apps for sending your own content, such as Google Photos or VLC. After downloading the app, you simply need to grant it permission to show over other apps.

The receiver needs to be connected to the same WiFi network as the device from which you’re sending the content. After that, just access a platform like YouTube to start sending videos or music. A number will appear in the top left corner, which identifies the device for content sending purposes.

If the receiver is a tablet, its touch controls will be locked to avoid interference with playback. Thanks to the collaboration between Google and Microsoft that enables the installation of Android apps on Windows 11, this is one of those apps. This allows you to leverage Chromecast functionality on a larger screen, like a monitor or even a TV.

This can help you save a few bucks by avoiding the need to purchase a Chromecast. Keep in mind that this app might have a paid version, at least for continuous long-term use. There are other alternatives as well, through which you can send content to be played on other devices. One of them is AirScreen, which can also be used to turn a device into a Chromecast receiver, and it’s even compatible with other protocols like AirPlay, Miracast, and DLNA.

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