MediaMarkt offers you this LG Smart TV with 65 inches and 4K for less than 600 euros

TVs & Audio | May 9, 2023

MediaMarkt offers you this LG Smart TV with 65 inches and 4K for less than 600 euros

Not every day can you get an LG Smart TV with 65 inches for less than 600 euros. However, if you pay attention to deals, you may be lucky enough to find such bargains. Most importantly, this model can cover everything you’re looking for, from a high 4K resolution to the latest apps for streaming content. And now it’s at the best price at MediaMarkt.

Within this store’s catalog, you’ll find many TVs on offer for Mother’s Day. However, not all LG models with these inches cost the same. In fact, the LG 65UQ81006LB Smart TV has previously cost more than 840 euros.

LG with 65 inches and AI ThinQ

This 65-inch LED Smart TV from LG is one of those models that is easy to understand, thanks to its intuitive operating system. Additionally, this television comes with the firm’s Artificial Intelligence called AI ThinQ, which allows you to create profiles for users and enjoy only the content you choose at all times. As for its display, its technology is capable of enhancing your audiovisual experience, so you can enjoy vivid colors and a greater number of details in 4K resolution.

This model features the intelligent α5 Gen 5 processor that can enhance the image at any moment. It even achieves greater precision in tones and colors by acting on 576 independent areas of each frame. As for the sound, its technology can identify object movement to scale and simulate a 5.1-channel Surround sound.

LG Smart TV ThinQ

Keep in mind that this model is compatible with LG’s own HDR10 Pro technology, among other aspects of its screen. In this way, this television is able to automatically adjust the screen brightness in order to enhance normal HDR content, making it possible for you to enjoy even more details in every movie or series.

Smart TV with webOS22

This particular LG television comes with the WebOS22 operating system version, which makes it easier to use its Smart TV features. Among its characteristics, you can find what we previously mentioned about creating profiles for users.

And that’s just the beginning, as with the customizable profile option, you can have different recommendations depending on the content you want to watch. It will even facilitate quick access to the apps that you use the most according to your Smart TV profile. Additionally, this television is compatible with different voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and can also use Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.

But, one of the most important points right now is its price. This LG Smart TV with 65 inches and 4K resolution has dropped in price. If just a few days ago you could find this model for over 780 euros, now you can buy this television for 589 euros at MediaMarkt.

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