This new free AI for creating images is going to make you forget about Midjourney

Artificial Intelligence | May 25, 2023

This new free AI for creating images is going to make you forget about Midjourney

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the landscape of many professions, especially those related to design. While we haven’t seen major developments in Spain yet, illustrators in other countries are already starting to see how these types of tools are impacting their work.

The most popular one of them is Midjourney, which has advanced to impressive levels, even winning contests when this type of technology was not yet in the spotlight.

However, the discontinuation of its free version led to other alternatives, such as Leonardo AI, gaining momentum, especially because they offered an approach that Midjourney no longer provided, at least without paying.

What is CatBird.AI

In recent weeks, I have been using Leonardo AI myself to illustrate some articles and create cover images for YouTube videos, among other things. However, in the past few days, I have switched to CatBird.AI after discovering it—a tool that allows for easy, powerful, and free image generation.

This new artificial intelligence stands out for allowing the simultaneous use of multiple image generation models, providing us with a wide range of options.

In addition, it allows us to have great control over prompts or commands, as we can use simple ones and automatically generate more elaborate ones, or give or remove importance to certain words using parentheses and brackets, respectively.

We can also use negative commands to avoid certain elements from appearing in the image, change the image generation steps to make the process more refined or faster, and even modify the Guidance, which refers to the freedom we give to the AI when creating a new image.

Exceptional final quality

But the best thing about this image generation engine is not just that it is free or easy to use, but that it produces high-quality results. You can see an example just above these lines, an image created in a few seconds with incredible detail.

However, by default, the images are 512×512 pixels, although we can scale them up to 768×768 pixels. If we want larger images, we can perform scaling after the creation process is complete, but this action will require more time due to the increased amount of information to handle.

One of the best image generation engines that CatBird.Ai offers is Cine Diffusion, which provides a highly realistic aesthetic with detailed results without being overly artificial.

However, it is not perfect, and sometimes we may notice areas of the image that could be improved, such as the hands of the child in the following image. Nevertheless, the overall quality is much superior compared to other free image generation models.

CatBird AI

If you want to try it out, you can do so on their website, CatBird.AI, without having to pay or register.

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