Finally, your PC antivirus is useful for something: analyzing the Android apps you install

Computers & Laptops | May 26, 2023

Finally, your PC antivirus is useful for something: analyzing the Android apps you install

Windows 12 will be the long-awaited update to fully integrate Android into the Microsoft operating system. An update to the Windows subsystem for Android has been released, bringing several significant improvements for its use.

The symbiosis between Windows and Android is growing stronger, and in recent years, Microsoft has been working towards making it easier to access Android apps directly from the desktop. In other words, Android and Windows are increasingly compatible, with their strength lying in their integration.

The Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), still limited in availability, continues to receive ongoing improvements. The latest update focuses on multitasking across different platforms and device security.

Windows and Android become stronger together

According to Android Police, the May update for WSA brings three key enhancements that advanced users can take advantage of. Until recently, the only way to run an Android app on Windows was through an emulator, which relied on virtual memory for “virtualization” purposes, limiting its capabilities.

The May update aims to optimize this experience by allowing users to set a limit on the RAM used by Android apps. This improvement enhances multitasking capabilities, ensuring that certain Android apps do not consume excessive memory on the user’s computer.

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On the other hand, WSA now supports Android App Link, which means that Android apps can be launched directly from links in other apps. In the Android ecosystem, we have had this feature for years, allowing the seamless transition between different apps and enhancing the user experience.

Furthermore, the most practical and useful enhancement is related to security, with two key improvements. Firstly, the antivirus program installed on your PC will be able to scan WSA apps (the Android apps launched from Windows) for any anomalies before installation.

The second key improvement is associated with optimizations in the Linux kernel, which enhances the performance of these Android apps running on your PC. This update is available in Beta, Canary, Dev, and Release Preview channels. If you are using any of these channels, you will be able to update Windows and enjoy these enhancements that improve the experience of using Android apps on your computer.

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