Use and set hotkeys

Using the Hotkey

QQ Player provides hotkeys for normal operations. When you use the QQ Player process, you can hotkey and effectively improve the speed of your operation. QQ Player hotkeys and the default hotkey functions are as follows:


Function Hotkeys Function Hotkeys
Open the file Ctrl + O Open the folder Ctrl + F
Full screen switch Enter Fans you switch Shift + Enter
Play / Pause Blank Always on Top T
On a file Previous The next file Next Page
Fast Forward Left Arrow Rewind Right arrow
Volume Down Arrow Increasing Volume Down Arrow
Mute M Close the file Ctrl + C
Screenshot Ctrl + A Playlist F3
Control Panel F4 Parameter settings F5
Function Mouse Operation Function Mouse Operation
Play / Pause Left-click Toggle fullscreen Double left click


Set the Hotkey

In order to better meet the needs of different users, you can also define your own hotkeys. Click on the main menu under [Settings – parameter settings], you can open the Preferences dialog, select the left [hotkey / mouse settings]:



In the “Operating Mode” drop-down list you can select your customary mode of operation, an operation mode is selected, the following hotkeys and mouse response will change accordingly, you can enter your desired hotkey directly below, this time operating mode is automatically changed to “Custom Mode.”