My experience with the S Pen Creator Edition, Samsung’s new stylus for artists and creators

Smartphones & Tablets | December 16, 2023

My experience with the S Pen Creator Edition, Samsung’s new stylus for artists and creators

In another step forward in the features of Samsung’s top tablets and mobiles, the company has developed a stylus that meets the demands of the most discerning content creators and artists. Offering greater precision and control for writing and drawing with a tilted tip, it does sacrifice some of the intelligent functions found in the original stylus that comes with Galaxy S tablets and the Galaxy S Ultra. Additionally, it has a thicker and longer design for a more comfortable grip and doesn’t require charging, although it does have a magnetic attachment so you can securely attach it to the back of your Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. The exact release date for this stylus in stores has not been disclosed by the company yet, but it should be available in the coming weeks. The price is expected to be around 100 euros. I’ve had the opportunity to explore this stylus, and here are my impressions.

Samsung S Pen Creator Edition - 01
Samsung S Pen Creator Edition
Dimensions7.6 inches, Dynamic AMOLED 2X, Infinity Flex Display with QXGA+ resolution, 374 dpi and support for S Pen and 120Hz refresh rate. 1,750 nits of brightness.
Weight6.2 inches Dynamic AMOLED 2X with HD+ resolution, 402 dpi and 120Hz refresh rate. 23.1:9 format
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note10 and above
Samsung Galaxy Tab S Family
Stylus Compatible PCs
Featured FeaturesGreater sensitivity with the tilted pen
IPX4 splash resistance
4,096 pressure levels
AvailabilityTo be confirmed
Price100 euros
Samsung S Pen Creator Edition - 02

A more comfortable grip and good response with the tilted tip

If you have frequently used the stylus on Samsung tablets (not so much the one on the Samsung Galaxy S Ultra), you have probably noticed a point where they noticeably fall short. When you draw or write with the tip tilted, its accuracy decreases significantly. This limitation can be restrictive for users who use the device for content creation or design. This is one of the main reasons for the existence of the Samsung S Pen Creator Edition stylus. Thanks to its thicker tip, it captures tilted strokes better. It features the same level of recognition as the regular stylus (4,096 pressure points) but responds better when creating sketches or drawings.

Samsung S Pen Creator Edition - 03

It also has a more comfortable grip, being thicker and longer than the standard stylus. However, it remains very lightweight, with just 10 grams. It boasts an attractive design with the contrast of the silver part at one end and the white of the rest. Regarding the tip, it should be noted that being thicker makes it appear more robust and durable (those who have had a Samsung tablet have likely experienced the relatively quick wear of the stylus tip). Additionally, the Samsung S Pen Creator Edition includes two extra tips in case you need a replacement.

Regarding the design, it is worth mentioning that it is splash-resistant, with an IPX4 certification. While this level is decent, it is below what the regular stylus offers (IP67).

Samsung S Pen Creator Edition - 04

All the autonomy you want, but without smart functions

However, the significant drawback of this stylus is that it is not intended to function as an intelligent complement to our tablet, as is the case with the standard stylus. The Samsung S Pen Creator Edition lacks intelligent functions when brought near the screen, and gestures like opening applications are not supported. Its functions are limited to switching between the writing and eraser modes when holding down the button on its side. We have also noticed that occasionally, our tablet and phone have trouble correctly detecting the S Pen as it senses the stroke before it touches the glass. This is likely a specific issue with the test unit.

Samsung S Pen Creator Edition - 05

The absence of smart functions is offset by the fact that it doesn’t need to be charged on the back of the tablet. The Samsung S Pen Creator Edition will work for as long as you need it. It does, however, have a magnetic attachment so you can attach it to the back of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 (or earlier) tablet at any time. In terms of compatibility, the stylus works with a considerable number of models, including the Galaxy Tab S family, the Ultra family from the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra onwards, or the Samsung Galaxy Note family. In fact, it is even compatible with a PC that supports the touch input of this type of stylus. What is not included in the list are the foldable phones from the brand.

Samsung S Pen Creator Edition - 06

Price and Opinions

The Samsung Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition will be available in stores in the coming weeks. Its price should be around 100 euros when it arrives, a cost that almost doubles that of the regular S Pen. In conclusion, this is a more comfortable accessory with a slightly more precise point but is also more limited in terms of smart functions. The best aspect of this model is that you will never have to charge it, and it responds much better to writing when you tilt the tip, making it ideal for users looking for an accessory for more precise drawing.

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