Reasons why you should NEVER use cologne to clean your game controller

I'm sure you've considered the macabre idea of using cologne to clean your game controllers or peripherals because you believe it contains alcohol and it's said to be good for disinfection. Not to mention the pleasant scent it leaves behind.

Final Fantasy XVI’: Square Enix latest becomes ‘Game of Thrones’

We had a first hands-on experience with 'Final Fantasy XVI' in London a few months ago. There, we witnessed how Square Enix has completely revamped the traditional combat systems of the franchise, replacing the more strategic battles or turn-based mechanics of a seemingly distant past with real-time carnage, abundant combos, and visual spectacle.

PowerA MOGA XP-Ultra: This is the first wireless four-in-one controller from a third-party that works without cables with Xbox Series X|S

PowerA has just announced the launch of the MOGA XP-Ultra, the first licensed wireless controller for Xbox Series X|S. In simple terms, this controller can wirelessly connect to Microsoft's new consoles just like an official controller. Not only can it connect to consoles, but the controller can also be connected to a PC or mobile device via cable or Bluetooth.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: You’ll thank us later

Honestly, the news coming out of Ubisoft is becoming increasingly concerning because one of the major developers of recent years seems to be taking on more water with each stroke to try to save themselves.

Nintendo is not going to allow anything to leak about the new ‘Zelda’, even if it means suspending innocent streamers

The leak of 'The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom' is giving Nintendo quite a few headaches. Although it hasn't diminished the immense interest in the game, which is arriving this very week, part of its content is being leaked more than it should, with users who seem to have had access to the game ahead of time.

PS5 vs PS4: Which one sold more after 30 months since their launch?

It was November 15, 2013, when the PS4 arrived in stores to compete with Microsoft, which had done great with the Xbox 360. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the battle quickly tilted in Sony's favor. Now, with the new generation, it seems that the same thing is going to happen, but which of the two latest PlayStation models has sold more within the same timeframe?

Forget the critics, do you know what PC you need to play Redfall?

The truth is that things haven't been going as Microsoft expected lately, and at least in the gaming world, it seems like they need the help of an artificial intelligence to guide them and tell them the direction they should take in the coming times.

One of the best features of PlayStation 5 disappears forever, although you still have time to avoid it

It has been confirmed that all the games included in PS Plus Collection will no longer be available from May 9, 2023, but there is a "secret" method that allows you to keep the collection forever.

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