The best AI tools right now to help you write papers and essays

Artificial Intelligence | October 13, 2023

The best AI tools right now to help you write papers and essays

The first few weeks of the school year have passed, and most high school and university students are already immersed in assignments, papers, and exams. For the past couple of years, teachers have faced a new challenge: preventing students from avoiding their homework or assignments by relying on AI tools.

Many educators have already found ways to assign tasks that require students to think for themselves. However, the reality is that there are still many tasks that Artificial Intelligence can handle for us. For this purpose, these 5 tools can be very helpful.


It is the most well-known but no less effective for it. If you tell ChatGPT, “Write a 100-word essay in English about climate change at a B1 level,” in a matter of seconds, you will have a flawless paper tailored to your level.

One limitation of this AI tool is that it may not work as expected for topics beyond 2021. However, for most of your high school assignments, you can use it easily.


This tool has been trained by a large number of copywriters, and as of today, it can offer us more than 100 different types of short and long texts in virtually any style. Although this tool was initially designed with marketing campaigns and advertising copy in mind rather than schoolwork, it can still be very useful in lightening your academic workload. Plus, it’s entirely in Spanish, making it easier to use.


Perplexity is an AI tool that is based on the same API as ChatGPT, so it can provide responses at the same level as the well-known OpenAI tool. One of its major advantages is that it cites the sources of all the information it provides, making it easy to include references in your work.

The interface of this AI is simple and minimalist, making it user-friendly even if you’re not accustomed to using such tools.


This tool is initially a paid service, but it offers a 7-day demo that can be a lifesaver if you need to submit an assignment and don’t know where to start. However, be aware that the demo has a maximum of 1000 characters, so it won’t be useful for very long assignments.

In exchange, it has some important advantages, such as the ability to summarize texts or write texts specifically tailored for social media platforms like Facebook. You can also specify whether you want the text to have a formal or informal style, so you can make it look like you did the work yourself without it being too obvious that you used such a tool.

Smodin Author

This is an AI tool specifically designed for writing. In addition to allowing the creation of texts in various styles and in more than 100 different languages, this tool can automatically generate references in MLA or APA format. This makes it a perfect aid for university-level assignments as well. You simply need to provide a short sentence or phrase as a base, and Smodin Author will help you create high-quality essays and papers that are completely unique and ready to pass plagiarism checks.

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