The Best Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for Traveling: What to Buy for an Excellent Experience

Smartphones & Tablets | December 7, 2023

The Best Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for Traveling: What to Buy for an Excellent Experience

The experience during the trip to Terceira Island in Portugal made it clear that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is an exceptional smartphone for traveling, but with a series of accessories, some aspects can be improved to take the best portrait photos, enjoy the astrophotography mode of the Samsung RAW app, or even extend the battery life.

These accessories recommended focus on some of the most important aspects of this mobile phone. One of them is a tripod that offers great flexibility due to the various photography modes offered by the Galaxy S23 Ultra: from taking photos of the stars in the night sky or giving that special touch to portrait photography to video recording, especially since it was updated earlier this summer with the introduction of the 2x mode for this type of capture.

Another accessory that can be acquired is an external battery, precisely the one from Samsung, to come out victorious on that day when videos and a day of hiking have caused the battery to decrease at a faster rate. In other words, when the Samsung phone has been pushed to the limit, an external battery with fast charging can recover the necessary mAh to continue using it without problems.

Taking the Galaxy S23 Ultra to the limit

Samsung has an external battery of 20,000 mAh with which you can even forget to charge it to supply enough power at all times. It is not available from the Samsung online store, but it can be purchased from other major retailers for 84.49 euros. It is one of the accessories that can be most appreciated when traveling to another country or simply spending a few days in the countryside to explore regions that take you away from urban centers.

Depending on the variant purchased, as the Galaxy S23 Ultra has different internal memory configurations (256/512 GB or 1 TB), you can opt for the purchase of an external memory so that when you return to the hotel at night and have used the camera to record video —another of the best features that this phone offers with frightening video stabilization— you can transfer the files to it; and if you record in 4K or even 8K, the size of the video can easily exceed gigabytes. The same goes for photos if taken with the 200 MPx mode, so having extra memory to download the gigabytes from the phone at night is another accessory that we recommend for purchase.

Galaxy S23 Ultra tripod

Samsung has on its website a USB-C memory of 256 GB for 39.99 euros that can be connected to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. In this way, you can quickly transfer 4 GB files in just 11 seconds with a transfer speed of 400 Mb/s. You can opt for the 128 GB variant for 22.99 euros and the 64 GB variant for 14.99 euros.

The tripod is another great accessory to accompany the Galaxy S23 Ultra on your travels. We already knew the capabilities of this phone for astrophotography at night; the best excuse to buy a tripod and thus, from the Samsung RAW app, access a mode that allows you to adjust the time the phone will be taking photos one after another to capture constellations and planets.

USB-C memory

The tripod also serves to take portrait photos. If the Galaxy S23 Ultra already has great optical image stabilization, the use of this accessory will allow even greater sharpness. The camera app has a 2x or 3x mode to focus on the subject. Don’t forget that the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with the S Pen, which serves as a remote control to take those photos with the tripod (and the timer to give time to position yourself in front of the camera).

There are many tripods, we recommend a sturdy one with everything needed to attach the Samsung mobile phone well: the Joilcan M30 model, which is usually found for 22.99 euros on some of the most well-known online stores. The important thing in this case is that it is firm enough to support the weight of the 234 grams of the phone, as this is not one of the lightest phones.

Galaxy SmartTag2

And finally, another great accessory, although it goes beyond the scope of improving the phone’s own experience, is Samsung’s new tracker device, which is essential for traveling to locate the suitcase or backpack where important items are stored, such as the ID card or wallet.

The Galaxy SmartTag2 was launched this year and offers up to 500 days of battery life, IP67 certification (water and dust resistant), and Compass View and Search Nearby functions. Its price is 39.91 euros from the Samsung online store.

A series of accessories to complete a fantastic experience offered by the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra available for purchase. Whether for nighttime astrophotography, taking excellent portrait photos, or backing up videos taken with the great stabilization of the phone’s camera, these accessories highlight each of the best aspects of this Android smartphone.

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