Apple restricts the use of ChatGPT among its employees, according to WSJ. It is logical considering Apple’s nature

Artificial Intelligence | May 22, 2023

Apple restricts the use of ChatGPT among its employees, according to WSJ. It is logical considering Apple’s nature

It’s not the first time this has happened. Samsung has already banned the use of ChatGPT in its chip factories, JPMorgan has limited its use, and Walmart has warned its employees to be cautious about what they post there. Now, Apple is joining this trend and, according to The Wall Street Journal, has restricted access to this platform among its employees.

ChatGPT, you’re quite the gossip. According to the newspaper, Apple is concerned about the possibility of ChatGPT and its competitors leaking confidential data. This type of problem exists, and companies that have used or are using this AI model have discovered that ChatGPT doesn’t know how to keep a secret. Considering that secrecy about its products and services is paramount at Apple, this measure is logical.

Why is it so indiscreet? When people use these models, the system collects data that goes to the servers and developers so they can improve the service. The problem is that this implies users may end up sharing sensitive, personal, or confidential data that could end up in the wrong hands.

Even OpenAI acknowledges it. The company itself had to disable access to ChatGPT a few weeks ago when it discovered a bug that allowed users to see other people’s conversation history in their profile. Last month, an important update was introduced to the service, allowing users to deactivate conversation history to prevent the model from being trained on it.

Copilot also banned. These leaks can not only involve confidential data but also something equally sensitive: the code of their applications and services. According to the document obtained by WSJ, Apple has also restricted the use of GitHub Copilot, Microsoft’s programming assistant.

Using ChatGPT on iPhones is now possible. Interestingly, just as this announcement is made, the official native application of ChatGPT for iOS has been announced. Currently, it can only be used in the US, but it is a significant launch considering that many imitators, some of them fraudulent, were emerging.

Voice and gestures take center stage on the iPhone. It is possible to use ChatGPT on the iPhone in Spain, although as explained by our colleagues at Applesfera, who have already tested it, the process is somewhat cumbersome. The use of the tool is identical to what we can do on the web, but it also has an interesting option: the ability to “converse” with ChatGPT through voice. Gestures can also be used, for example, swiping from left to right on the text input area instantly creates a new chat.

Apple is indeed preparing its own ChatGPT. Sources close to the company indicate that Apple is working on its own LLM (Large Language Model) and developing its own technology. Cupertino has allegedly been working in this field for years, but their progress has been relatively modest until now. However, in recent days, they introduced the ‘Personal Voice’ feature, which utilizes machine learning to enhance accessibility options.